GISMO runs a range of workshops and events focusing on advances in materials science and how they can benefit you and your business. 

We are especially pleased to invite Cheshire and Warrington SMEs to join our events to gain insight into the latest research challenges in materials science, and to find out more about how the GISMO project can help you.

Upcoming events

Future polymers: post-polymerisation functionalisation

Friday 18th May | 9 – 10am

Would you like to improve the properties and performance of the materials that you use? Smart polymers may hold the answer.

Join Dr Julien Doulcet, GISMO Innovation Fellow for Chemicals & Hydrogen, to learn about post-polymerisation functionalisation.

In modern polymer science, a variety of polymerisation methods for the direct synthesis of polymers bearing functional groups are known. However, there are still large numbers of functional groups that may either completely prevent polymerisation or lead to side effects.

Post-polymerisation functionalisation overcomes these limitations. It allows for increased functionality and the range of applications in polymers to be extended through the incorporation of functionality that is incompatible with the polymerisation process.

This functionality and the ability to modify surfaces has applications across pharmaceuticals & medical devices, biomedicine, bioelectronics & biophotronics (including sensors, implants and drug delivery), clothing & textiles, communications, Internet of Things, battery technologies, food storage and preparation, heating & lighting, elastomers & adhesives, ceramics, composites and agro-chemicals.

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