Graduate researchers in the Materials Science Institute at Lancaster University are undertaking the following three-year projects which provide interesting insights into developments in materials science and may have implications and benefits for your business.

If you would like to know more about a project and if you would like to contribute to the research or be informed about progress and its findings, please contact us.

Surfaces & Coatings

  • Surfaces in the fight against antimicrobial resistance
  • Surface plasma polymerisation for atomically precise molecular materials
  • Scalable methods for functionalisation of 2D materials for quantum security and green energy applications

Chemicals & Chemistry

  • Green hydrogen as a key part of attaining Zero Carbon 2050
  • Catalytic processes to develop a circular hydrogen economy

Additive Manufacturing

  • Alloy and microstructure design for additive manufacturing
  • Functionalisation through design for additive manufacturing implementation in industrial applications
  • Design, manufacture and evaluation of novel hybrid metallic structures manufactured by multi-material 3D printing

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